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heritage tubelined range

The Phoenix Tile Studio introduces the Heritage range of tubeline tiles. Inspired by the arts & crafts movement of the late 19th century and the rise of the Art Nouveau styles of the early 20th century. Tubelined tiles were one of the decorating techniques that inspired designers throughout Europe. Many examples of tubelined tiles still survive today in fireplaces, porches, and Victorian buildings throughout the world.

Using highly decorative techniques, our tiles will once again adorn the walls of both traditional and modern homes & interiors. As with all hand made products slight shading variations will occur. Also because of the nature of the glazes used, crazing will occur, this will not affect the serviceability of the product. In fact it adds to the beauty and unique qualities of a hand made product.

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Venetian Rose - Holly Green Venetian Rose - Bright White Venetian Rose - Delft White
Tulip - Delft White Tulip - Holly Green Tulip - Midnight Blue
Rosemary - Holly Green Rosemary - Spring Green/Terracotta Rosemary - Wedgwood Blue
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Bella - Bright White/ wedgwood Blue    
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