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Handmade Range

Our range of hand made tiles are made from the finest Staffordshire clay. Each tile is hand made meaning each and every tile is unique. Glazed in rich translucent high gloss glazes our tiles will enhance any home.

Select one of our own melanges or create your own blend of colours. We even offer a colour match service to create glazes to suit your own requirements.

Autumn Melange Spring Melange Winter Melange Summer Melange Pastel Melange

Glittering designs on a natural cream glaze. These lustrous colours and silvers shimmer in the changing natural light of day.

Mica Green Mica Blue Mica Silver Mica Pink  

An appealing range of exquisite designs plucked from images of the English country garden.

Flower Bulbs Fruit Topiary    

Pools of translucent colour set in sparkling natural glaze give these tiles a fresh and contemporary approach.

Spring green impressions square & circle Primrose impressions square & circle Mutli colour impressions square & circles Wegwood blue impressions  

Whilst every effort is made to capture the beauty of our ceramic tiles nothing can compare to seeing the real thing. So please do not hesitate to contact us and we can supply samples or direct you to your nearest stockist.

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